A company was born

Roytec Industries LLC was begun by George R. Koebel in May of 1984 with three employees and $200,000 in annual sales. Located in Woodstock, Georgia, Roytec occupied 2,000 square feet of rented space, but quickly expanded to 5,500 square feet.

Phase One

In 1986, three acres were purchased in Bell Industrial Park and construction was completed on Phase I of the current facility. In 1991, Phase II was completed with expanded the original 12,000 square foot building to 26,400 square feet, including 3,400 square feet of office space.

Phase 2

In 2001, a second 16,400 square foot facility was acquired for production of wire assemblies utilizing leading edge technology test equipment.

Phase 3

The second facility in Monterrey, Mexico has approximately 50,000 square feet and was established 2003 to support the increasing demands from our customers.